Are there different room types available? What is the difference?

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Yes! There are different options for rooms ranging in price. Hedonism has "classic" rooms which are older but still nice. They have more expensive "premium" rooms that have been recently renovated. They also have suites and hot tub rooms right on the beach. 

The resort has rooms on both the "nude" and "prude" side. The nude side is adjacent to the nude beach and/or the nude pool, and clothing is not permitted in those areas (except coming and going to your room). The prude side is clothing optional. See our costs page for details. The rooms right on the beach (Ocean view) are a little more expensive than the Garden View rooms, which are just behind those rooms and really not much further from the beach.

Room Types - So Many Choices! Which Should You Choose?

Here are descriptions of the room choices!

Ocean View v. Garden View:

  • Ocean View rooms  are located on the beach.

  • Garden View rooms are located just behind the Ocean View rooms.

  • The ocean view rooms, which are right on the beach, are a little more expensive than the garden view rooms.

  • Those rooms and really not much farther from the beach. 

 Nude Rooms vs. Regular ("Prude"):

  • Nude rooms are adjacent to the nude beach and nude pool. If you are hanging out in the nude beach area of the nude side,  you must be nude, but you do not have to be nude to walk to and from your room (whether you are walking on the beach or on a path on the non-beach side).

  • "Regular" or "Prude" rooms are on the "Prude" side, which is clothing optional.  At Hedo, "prude" is simply a non-derogatory term for "clothing optional."

  • The entire resort with only a few exceptions (e.g. the main lobby and most restaurants) is clothing optional. See this article and this article for more info on nudity and sex-positivity at the resort. 

Classic vs. Premium:

  • Most rooms are the "classic" rooms, which have renovated or improved as of 2019.   

  • More expensive "premium" rooms are also available, which are rooms that have been renovated to be a little nicer. Some have their own private hot tubs or doors that open to the beach. There are only a small number of premium and hot tub rooms.  

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