Working Remotely From Hedo - Wi-Fi, VPN’s, & Video Conferences

Modified on Wed, 31 Aug 2022 at 10:51 PM

It’s true. We sometimes get questions about working remotely from the resort.

Um…What, you say?  Why is this even a question? “Everyone must turn off all devices and enjoy their vacation!”

Not that anyone wants to work when they go to Hedo, but let’s face it:  sometimes our ability to travel at all hinges on our ability to stay connected to school, work, and other obligations. We often have people at our events that need to spend a little time connecting.  We have even had people that have conveniently “forgotten” to tell their employers they were traveling  - and somehow got through the week! But we aren’t suggesting that…

Everyone may have different needs when it comes to connectivity - from bandwidth to telephones. We have typically experienced little trouble working remotely from the resort. While the uptime on Wi-Fi may be a little less than you are used to, we have personally seen great results since the resort’s massive network upgrade a couple of years ago. 

The resort offers a free and premium high-speed Wi-Fi service that is 15 Mbps, which is be more than twice the speed that you would likely need for high-resolution video conferencing (one tech blog states that “standard-definition video conferencing generally requires less than 1 Mbps, while high-resolution video conferencing can require as much as 6 Mbps.”

Of course as with any technology, there will be  occasional Wi-Fi outages, but if you can tolerate the possibility of some random downtime, working from the resort should be doable for most people.

Likewise, for those that need to stay connected through mobile device cellular and/or data plans, we have found that most carriers offer travel or international plans for a reasonable fee that includes unlimited (or more than enough) data and phone service. The reception seems to work well at the resort.

While working on your vacation may not be ideal - if it means the difference between going and not going, we vote go!  Just get up early when you need to and take care of that business, then shut down the devices, join the group, and soak up some sunshine!

PS: Don't forget your laptop and mobile device chargers and power cables! The resort electrical outlets are the typical two or three prong 110's that are common in the USA. If it works in the USA, it will work at Hedo. If you are traveling from a country that uses a different outlet type, please be sure to bring an adaptor!

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