What is an "Un-Conference?"

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An "Unconference" or "Open Space" meeting is a participant-driven meeting. It is often used to describe gatherings that try to avoid hierarchical aspects of a conventional conference. 

During the Unconference, YOU can be the presenter or facilitator! 

At Concations, we typically use the term to describe a dedicated time and place at events where attendees are also able to be presenters if they choose. For example, attendees can:

    • Teach a workshop

    • Provide a demonstration

    • Lead a discussion

    • Host a lab-time session

    • Host a skill-share session

    • Produce a short performance

    • Arrange a social gathering or meet n' greet for people with similar interests, commonalities, etc. 

    • Host a game or fun competition


Unconference times and locations will be listed on the event schedule. 

During the event attendees can propose unconference events at the time of any of the scheduled unconference spot, or they can announce their event in advance via the group's Discord group chat and/or by requesting that the organizers include the unconference announcement in the morning emails by 5pm the day before the event. Announcements can also be made by staff prior to workshops or group events. Good ole' fashioned word of mouth works too. Attendees can also use the Concations group on Fetlife

The locations of unconference workshops are not limited to the designated unconference location; however, we cannot "reserve" any particular location. Therefore, if you select a different location at the resort, it is possible it may already be in use by the resort or another group. So some flexibility is required! In addition, unconference events can take place at any time during the event, even outside of the designated unconference times. However, we prefer that they not occur during other official scheduled events. 

The Rule of Two Feet

One rule of an unconference is the "Rule of Two Feet" (more currently known as the "Rule of Mobility"). With this rule, it is accepted that attendees are free to join or leave a workshop at any time. Rather than being deemed "offensive", the rule furthers the common goal of everyone's needs being met - namely getting the most out of the event and everyone's time.

How to Announce an Unconference Event:

To send a request for an announcement prior to or during the event, simply message support@concations.com with the request to include the unconference event in the morning email announcement, along with the following information:

    1. Name of the event

    2. Name of instructor/host/leaders

    3. Day and time of the event

    4. Location at the resort (e.g. Beach tent, Gym, Piano Bar, Beach, etc.) 

    5. A short description of what will occur (1-3 sentences please!)

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