I want to go, but I am not sure about the "nude beach thing." Will I be uncomfortable? Will I feel pressure to be nude if I decide I don't want to?

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Are you feeling a little anxious about getting nude or feeling pressured to get naked? 

You are not alone. While some are all about throwing off their clothes at every opportunity, many are a little hesitant to do so  - or simply don't want to. Many choose not to go completely bare at hedo, and that is perfectly acceptable throughout the resort except in a small part of the resort at the far end of the "nude" side. In that area, there is a nude beach, nude pool, and the nude beach grill. In those areas, full nudity is required. But it is a small area of the resort and none of the official Kinky Caribbean events take place in that area.

The rest of the resort, however (i.e. the "prude" section") is clothing-optional and you don't have to be nude (and note that at least minimal clothing or cover-up is required in certain places like the main lobby and all of the restaurants except for the nude grill). At our events, we want you to choose to do what you want without feeling any pressure! 

Are you in the camp of people that are just not yet sure? That is okay too!  Many folks find that once they are there, they become quite comfortable and fast converts to nudism. This is a great article about one vanilla women's experience with just that:


As the author noted, she learned that nudism is not just about "tanning and tata's." She found it not to be a sexual thing; but rather extremely liberating on a personal level. 

"At my first experience at the resort years ago, I was very nervous when I first ventured out nude, but after about an hour, I almost forgot I was nude and I stopped seeing nude people, and just saw, well, people. I also found that nudism was not about others, it was about me being me, being free, and doing what I want to do."

There are the other benefits too…like not having an uncomfortable wet chafing bathing suit when you get out of the water and letting the cool water touch all of your skin when you swim au natural. Or when you get out of the water into the hot Caribbean sun and feel the warmth caress your body the way nature intended.

And then there is the judgmental cultural toxicity that all goes away among nudists. Nudist resorts welcome all types of people with all types of different body types. As the author notes, when we stop judging others, we stop judging ourselves. The resort is full of real people…normal people…everyday people of all ages, shapes and sizes. As the author says: "While I do believe having a healthy body is important, true self-confidence comes from a level of self-worth not dependent on the body. True self-worth is a state of mind." While every single one of us can be judgmental, when we all strip off our clothes, I have found that the for me opposite occurs. We are all imperfect people, created by nature and have little control over our physical selves. After that realization, the body-positive attitude is much easier to channel, and it applies to ourselves and those around us.

Hedonism is not a swingers resort or a nudist resort. It is a hedonist's resort, meaning it is a place for pleasure seekers. Nobody will be pressured to do anything they don't want to do. Pleasure means doing what you want, not what others think you should do. Our group is a separate group and we will be doing our thing, and everyone is free to venture out into the larger resort and do what they want, or do what they want within the group.

And of course, there will be kinky workshops and presenters. That is the main reason we are going, so whether or not you choose take the nudist plunge, you are certain to have a great time at Kinky Caribbean without worries! After all, in Jamaica, everything is "No Problem!"

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